I'm a country gal serving 100% TEXAS BBQ.


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This is what sets us apart from our competition!

Bobcat's Texas BBQ specializes in slow smoked meats. My daddy taught us the wrist technique and our secret moppin' sauce gives our meats that just right taste. Homemade sides and an array of home-style desserts. Bobcat's prides itself on delivering the highest quality BBQ products and genuine down home southern hospitality.

Authentic Texas BBQ

Authentic Texas BBQ

Serving The Finest Cuts of Meat

Serving The Finest Cuts of Meat

Bringing A Taste of Texas to Ramsey, NJ

Bringing A Taste of Texas to Ramsey, NJ

Our Story

Lisa Johnson, the youngest of five children, and her family, lived a modest life growing up in Sealy, TX; a small town, fifty miles west of Houston. Their father, Robert Johnson Sr. (Bobcat), was a great influence on them; he made them what they are today. He had great values and work ethics that resonated through the entire family. Their fondest memories was when their dad would make "Ole Time Moppin Sauce".

The aroma would let the neighbors know that Bobcat was barbecuing and that's how all the backyard barbecues started at their house. Bobcat made his own recipes and kept making it better and better every time. Lisa's mom, Helen, would whip up all the sides and her Aunt Red would make all the desserts; sweet potato pies, dewberry and pecan pies.

Lisa found a place in Ramsey, NJ, to bring a little taste of Texas and their dad’s BBQ, with the help of NJ native Fiore Talarico, to keep his legacy alive.

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Bob B.

Holy crap I am still smiling ear to ear after eating this fantastic BBQ! I was craving pulled pork and my wife found this place online. She was out doing errands and went to place an order. She called me on her way home to tell me how great the guys working were!

The food is no joke! I had pulled pork and brisket with mac-n-cheese and collard greens! She had pulled pork, ribs, green beans and potato salad!

The flavor of the meat was center stage with a little sauce on the side juice things up... amazing smokey flavor!!! The sides were top notch! I even loved the potato salad and I had mayonnaise based salads! My wife and I felt like we were eating someone’s home cooked food... not like a lot of NJ BBQ spots.

We will be back here as often as we can... maybe everyday!

Lexi B.

My friend and I go to school down the road and got tired of our usual go to lunch stops so we decided to give bobcats a try .. and we're SO GLAD WE DID! We ordered a pulled pork sandwich, pulled chicken sandwich and some baked beans and it was all so delicious. We both agreed that this was the best bbq we've had in such a long time. Not only was the food great but the owners were so friendly and we had some nice lunch time conversation. If the awesome food isn't enough to bring you back..  their hospitality will clearly seal the deal! Do yourself a favor and give bobcats a try.

Sheila G.

As a Texan (Houstonian specifically) I am so happy to have Lisa here in NJ to have a taste of home close by. The food is delicious and the service shows true southern hospitality. Can't wait to go back and take my friends.

Michael B.

I finally found real deal brisket in NJ. I found this place by accident today for lunch and had to try it. I ordered a plate of brisket, pulled pork, Mac n cheese and potato salad. I've been trying to regain the brisket high that I've only found in the south. I've tried many many briskets in NJ and none compare. This one was exactly what I'm after. Juicy meat, delicious rub, melt in your mouth fat cap. I didn't need a knife to eat this lunch. The pork was juicy and went well with their sauce that they told me is homemade. Potato salad was creamy and refreshing to cut through the rich brisket. Big portions and I took some leftovers home for my wife. I asked the folks if they're really from Texas and the gentleman at counter said his wife, the owner is from Texas. She came out and started talking the talk about BBQ, she's definitely the real deal. So glad I finally found good bbq near home. We'll be coming back soon. Now to try the peach cobbler I grabbed for home...

John M.

WOW!!! That's the best one word description I can give. Heard great things about Bobcat's Texas BBQ and everything I heard was true and then some.  

I tried both kinds of sausage & the spare ribs. The sausage had great flavor and the right amount of smokiness plus had that nice snap of the skin. The spare ribs pulled off the bone easily & cleanly and had an awesome texture. The smell was so great that half the sausage & ribs got eaten before I pulled out of the parking lot. I can't wait to go next time to try their brisket & chicken.

If you like or love barbecue, you need to go here.

If you want some great eats for football Sundays, you need to go here.

If you just want something different than the usual takeout, you definitely need to go here.

Bobcat's is an 11 out of 10!!!